Ways to feel more confident when skateboarding.

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Ways to feel more confident when skateboarding.

Messagepar linedadelas » 13 Fév 2020, 09:11

How to be confident when skateboarding is the question that many newbies or even long-time skateboarders ask. Obviously, you feel confident when you believe in your skills. In this post, I will share with you some tips to make you feel better when skating or you can learn how to Get Better At Skateboarding Fast at skateadvisors.

1. Practice

I remember a saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”. Practice means you are doing one thing again and again until you are familiar enough with it. You practice to learn new thing and in this case, it is skateboard tricks. Make sure you feel happy when you do it.

Practicing is a process that you will go through a lot of emotions from being angry when you fail, wanting to give up, being excited when you almost reach the goal to extremely excited when you finally see the result. Believe or not practicing is the fastest way to help you build your confidence. Once you succeed in one trick, you will have the motivation to do the next tricks. So, keep practicing and practicing.

2. Ignore what others say

Human being has a very bad habit which is to judge others when they do something different from them. There are two types of people: one wants to help you and the other is to make you quit. So just absorb the criticism and tips from whom giving you constructive ideas to help you get better, and of cause kick bad judgments out of your mind.

You can clearly see this happens in skateparks where some skateboarders are selfish, they just want as fewer people in the park as possible to have broader space for their tricks. I have witnessed older skateboarders tell the younger to quit or put pressure on them to give up. Sadly, this problem is becoming more common. We are trying to make a skateboard community, not to destroy it.

You can not selfishly keep skateboard for yourself. So my advice is to step far away from those negative people and focus on your job. If they keep ridicule your skateboarding, just keep skating and one day you will prove them wrong.

3. Take part in skateboard-related communities or skateboard activities

This way can help you to know more people and learn a lot from them. Most of these group members are professional skateboarders, so somehow they can help you if you are in their team. In addition, you will have chances to know more about the industry and do something useful to you local. Once you are better at skateboarding, you can help others to skate. It is also a good way to build confidence.

4. Choose the best skateboard

A good skateboard is like a part of your skateboarding picture. You can not skate confidently when your board keeps making noise, right? Choosing your skateboard is like choosing a friend, so you need to be careful in this step. If you haven’t had any idea of how to choose a skateboard that best suits you, you should read reviews about skateboard products at Skateboard Purpose.

5.Skate with your friends

Going to unknown places alone is maybe a bit scary. You will feel safer if you go with your friends. You know there is someone to support you, to guide you step by step. You will feel more comfortable to practice which soon will help to build your confidence.

Tricks are the foundation of confidence. The more tricks you have the more confident you will be. The first step for starters is to observe others and learn from them. As long as you are patient the door to success is always open.

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